illustration of deep brain stimulation in the caudate nucleus


The following includes a selection of recent publications from our lab. View the complete list here on PubMed. 


MRI-guided phase 1 trial of putaminal AADC gene therapy for Parkinson’s disease

Christine C, Bankiewicz K, Van Laar A, Richardson R, Ravina B, Kells A, Brendon B, Martin A, Nutt J, Thompson M, Larson P

Ann Neurol. 2019; Epub 25 Feb 2019.
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Human caudate nucleus subdivisions in tinnitus modulation

Perez PL, Wang SS, Heath S, Henderson-Sabes J, Mizuiri D, Hinkley LB, Nagarajan SS, Larson PS, Cheung SW

J Neurosurg. 2019 Feb 8; [Epub ahead of print].
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Challenges and solutions for functional neurosurgery in developing countries

Fezeu F, Ramesh A, Melmer PD, Moosa S, Larson PS, Henderson F Jr

Cureus. 2018; 10 (9): e3314.
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Surgical management of camptocormia in Parkinson’s disease: systematic review

Chan AK, Chan AY, Lau D, Durcanova B, Miller CA, Larson PS, Starr PA, Mumaneni PV

J Neurosurg. 2018 Sep 14; 1: 1-5. [Epub 14 Sept 2018].
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Benefits and risks of unilateral and bilateral ventral intermediate nucleus deep brain stimulation for axial essential tremor symptoms

Mitchell KT, Larson P, Starr PA, Okun MS, Wharen RE Jr, Ultti RJ, Gutherie BL, Peichel D, Pahwa R, Walker HC, Foote K, Marshall FJ, Jankovic J, Simpson R, Phibbs F, Neimat JS, Stewart RM, Dashipour K, Ostrem JL

Parkinsonism Relat Disord. [Epub 6 Sept 2018].
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Accuracy of image-guided percutaneous injection into a phantom spinal cord utilizing flat panel detector CT with MR fusion and integrated navigational software

Talbott JF, Cooke DL, Mabray MC, Larson PS, Amans M, Hetts S, Wilson M, Moore T, Salegio EA

J Neurointerv Surg. 2018; 10 (12): e37. [Epub 17 Apr 2018].
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Venous thromboembolism during interventional MRI guided stereotactic surgery

Kundishora AJ, Englot DJ, Starr PA, Martin MJ, Larson PS

Stereotact Funct Neurosurg. 2018; 96 (1): 40-45. [Epub 1 Mar 2018].
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Laser ablative therapy of sessile hypothalamic hamartomas in children using interventional MRI: report of 5 cases

Southwell DG, Birk HS, Larson PS, Starr PA, Sugrue LP, Auguste KI

J Neurosurg Pediatr. 2018; 21 (5): 460-465. [Epub 16 Feb 2018].
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Deep brain stimulation: interventional and intraoperative MRI approaches

Larson PS, Starr PA, Martin AJ

Prog Neurol Surg. 2018; 33: 187-197. [Epub 12 Jan 2018].
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Before and after the Veterans Affairs cooperative program 468 study: deep brain stimulator target selection for treatment of Parkinson’s disease

Southwell DG, Rutkowski MJ, San Luciano M, Racine C, Ostrem J, Starr PA, Larson PS

Parkinsonism Relat Disord. 2018; 48: 40-44. [Epub 12 Dec 2017].
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Hemorrhage detection and incidence during MR guided DBS implantation

Marin AJ, Starr PA, Ostrem JL, Larson PS.

Stereotact Funct Neurosurg. 2017; 95 (5): 307-314. [Epub 9 Sep 2017].
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MRI-guided stereotactic neurosurgical procedures in a diagnostic MRI suite: background and safe practice recommendations

Larson PS, Willie JT, Vadivelu S, Azmi-Ghadimi H, Nichols A, Litz-Faerbach L, Johnson HB

J Healthc Risk Manag. 2017; 37 (1): 31-39.
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Little black boxes: Non-cardiac implantable electronic medical devices and their anesthetic and surgical implications

Srejic U, Larson P, Bickler PE

Anesth Analg. 2017; 125 (1): 124-128.
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Parkinson’s disease patient preference and experience with various methods of DBS lead placement

LaHue SC, Ostrem JL, Galifianakis NB, San Luciano M, Ziman N, Wang S, Racine CA, Starr PA, Larson PS, Katz M

Parkinsonism Relat Disord. Feb 28; 40: 25-30. [Epub 17 Apr 2017].
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Neurosurgical laser ablation and MR thermometry: risks of multisite workflow pattern

Larson PS, Vadivelu S, Azmi-Ghadimi H, Nichols A, Fauerbach L, Johnson HB.

J Healthc Risk Manag. 2017 Feb 28; 36 (4): 7-18.
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